Awesome flake8 extensions

Posted on Fri 09 November 2018 in Programming • Tagged with programm, python • 1 min read

Yesterday, I read a post from Julien Danjou about flake8 extensions. After reading, I created awesome list of plugins.

You can check it here:

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Useful Django admin improvements

Posted on Mon 02 April 2018 in Django, Programming • Tagged with django, python • 2 min read

A few improvements that will improve your django admin application.

Improve security of your Django admin:

Add Django Admin Honeypot. It is a fake Django admin login screen to log and notify admins of attempted unauthorized access. Also I recommend you to change your real admin url to URL with …

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Create static blog

Posted on Sat 03 February 2018 in Programming • Tagged with python • 1 min read

Each programmer in his life should: learn a git, do a to-do list, and also make a blog.

If you are python programmer, I recommend you to do your personal blog with help of python.

My current blog created with help of Pelican using Flex theme and hosted at GitHub …

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Django Queryset: select and prefetch related.

Posted on Sat 19 August 2017 in Django • Tagged with python, django, queryset, select_related, prefetch_related • 1 min read

Some information for understanding Django Queryset methods: select_related and prefetch_relateds

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How to learn Django Framework

Posted on Thu 16 March 2017 in Django • Tagged with python, django, learning • 1 min read

Sometimes I read Reddit, and I see that sometimes Django channel apeear questions about how to learn this framework great framework. First of all, it must be said that the documentation of Django is very well documented. And they have no less bad tutorial. It covers the most beginner questions …

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Python podcast

Posted on Mon 13 March 2017 in Dev • Tagged with python, podcast • 1 min read

Learn something new, be in the trend with podcasts.

And what do you do when you go to work or from work? It is possible to spend this free time with advantage. Someone listens the audiobooks, and I suggest listening to audio podcasts.

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